Purpose of the budo techniques website

For quite some time the authors of this site felt the urge to create a (practical) overview of as many budo techniques as possible. Main reason for this is that many techniques which we learned in the course of our 'budo career' could not be found in books and such. If the applicable technique could be found in the literature, the description was not always as useful and other sources should be consuled to find out what was meant.

For the Jiu-Jitsu teacher course of the Dutch Judo Federation, an entire third dan exam should be written out. In stead of doing this in Word, we chose for the form of this website. Advantage is that beside pictures also movies (in the form of MPEG clips) could be added. Furthermore, using the website it is very easy to go from one techinque to the other.

This site is therefore started as a 'written' exam. On the other hand, we wish to use this site more extensively, for instance to swap techniques with any and everybody all over the world. By adding techniques to the site, this technique in its turn can be used by anybody all over the world!

As mentioned above, the exchange of techniques is the primairy goal of this site. That is, we hope to obtain as many new techniques as possible, which we can incorporate in this site... with accompanying movies and pictures of course (we will tape this for you, so don't worry). This way, we hope to obtain a ever enlarging 'database' of techniques, so anybody over the entire globe can use these.