O Uchi Gari - large inner leg sweep

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori steps with TRL to uke, grabs with TRH URRever (URW are also possible) and with TLH make teisho under the chin of uke. Tori draws the ULW of uke down and something with TRH behind uke. Tori can add this movement further strength by sending his head with TLH uke further to.


migi ushirosumi no kuzushi


Tori puts his linkervoet behind his rechtervoet (steps at). Tori stands because of this now slanting/gedraait with respect to uke. Tori brings rechterbeen now his between the legs of uke. By making circelbeweging now with TRL (clockwise) mows tori ULF, and throw this way uke.



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