Harai Goshi - application 4

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Initial situation:

Tori and uke stand opposite each other. Uke has a stick in his rechterhand.

Basic attack - blow with stick:

Uke steps with URL and gives backhandslag (uragen) with the stick on the face of tori.

Basic move - Irimi:

Tori enters with TRL and crams uke finished with morote uke.

Basic technique -

By the speed of actions there not really atemi are present. The block-system of tori can be considered as atemi if it are carried out these hard on the elbow of uke.
The breaking of balance which is obtained normally by the atemi comes about here because tori brings rechterarm to uke's rapidly and strongly for itself.

Nage-, kansetsu- of shime-waza:

Harai Goshi


Execute harai goshi hard, so that uke is eliminated by the throw.

Possible continuation:

Tori descends by the grabs with TLH stick of uke and beginning (using the stick) ushiro ude garami.

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