Maki Komi - application 1

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Initial situation:

Tori and uke stand opposite each other

Basic attack - blow:

Uke steps with URL forward and wants with his rechterarm a blow to the face of tori make (so-called obtain or hoekslag to the face).

Basic move - Irimi/Tenkan:

Tori gets in with TRL and catches with shuto uke (with TLH) URA.

Basic technique -

Tori makes, because the movement is not really extremely fast and hard, atemi. As a tori would want, he, whereas he brings his rechterarm concerning uke's rechterbovenarm, uke empi in the face can give.

Nage-, kansetsu- of shime-waza:

Maki komi (soto maki komi)


Execute the maki komi hard, so that uke is eliminated by the throw.

Possible continuation:

As soon as uke on the ground lies late tori uke loose, and twists tori for his ash (concerning the body of uke, or counter clockwise). Tori grabs with TLH ULW permanently and pushes ULA against uke's body. Tori gives a blow in the crotch of uke with his rechterhand.

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