Taware Gaeshi - Rijstbaalworp

Film of the execution of this technique:

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If introducing movement must tori ensure that uke comes stand forward. For this grabs tori with both hands at lapels of uke permanently and draws these down. Uke comes stand because of this forward. Vervolgens grabs tori with both hands for the bovenlichaam of uke gone and grabs is hands own fixed under the abdomen by of uke.


mamae no kuzushi


Tori enters further and puts both legs under (improves: behind) the heaviness point of uke. Tori passings away on his kont to sit and brugt uke concerning itself.

NB. Pay attention at this throw good that uke right concerning tori is not thrown: because of this uke, as it happens, concerning and on the face of tori can end up!


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