Shiho nage - sword throw

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori steps (small) with Right in to catch with both hands URW. As soon as permanently has tori URW, steps tori with TLL to the back to force uke steps to make. As soon as uke steps makes, tori himself with TLL for uke and sends out at the same time URA for himself steps.


mamae no kuzushi (for tsukuri). During tsukuri this direction changes no kuzushi however to maushiro.


Tori brings right arm omhoog, as a result of which tori gets space sum to uke's to turn off (of uke). Tori keeps turning until he resists with with his face to uke. Because tori URA fixed has still uke's right arm have been now bent and stand uke backwards assessment. Tori finishes movement by moving both arms from above to the right side side of his body (as if he makes zwaardslag).



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