Ko Soto Gake - application 1

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Initial situation:

Tori and uke stand opposite each other

Basic attack - enclosure:

Uke encloses tori the means where tori's arms do not sit fixed. At the enclosure uke's support right-hand side.

Basic move - Kuzushi:

Tori brings TLA for URA gone whereas tori gets in.

Basic technique -

Tori makes teisho on the face (chin) of uke with TRH

Nage-, kansetsu- of shime-waza:

Ko Soto Gake


Execute o soto gari hard, so that uke is eliminated by the throw.

Possible continuation:

Tori draws uke to his rechterarm on the abdomen by stepping concerning him gone. Then tori on the right side and make hiza gatame will lie by means of URA.

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