Ippon Seoi nage - shoulder throw

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori and uke stand opposite each other. Tori grabs with TLH URW and brings URW omhoog and forward. Uke must make because of this a step forward his assessment to repair with URB. At the same time puts tori his rechtervoet for uke's (right) foot (approximately a foot length). Tori now draws uke to himself (pays attention, however: tori does not move therefore to uke, but obtains uke to itself).


migi maesumi no kuzushi the moment to URA draws tori. During tsukuri, and the direction of the breaking balance twists tori will proceed in mamae no kuzushi.


Tori brings his rechterhand under the rechterarm (in the armpit) of uke and steps with his linkerbeen so that tori with his back comes stand to uke. In the turn tori uke (tightly) against himself and uke's commission clasp rechterarm well by bringing ietwat to his linkerarm down and his rechterarm omhoog. Tori bends by throwing uke concerning himself his knees gone.

To add more strength the throw and uke improves to force (to breaking of balance), is it also possible not do the TRA under the armpit of uke, but on his elbow (URElleboog). Because of this tori during the throw also a lock can incite, so that uke is extra forced to undergoing the throw.


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