Tobi Kani Basami - jumped shears

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori makes firstly an introducing breaking of balance uke improves from assessment to obtain. For that purpose grabs tori with TLH URW and steps with TRL reverse. By now to URA must draw uke a step to make. As soon as uke makes the step and draw these bring tori with TLH URW behind the body of uke poor what down. Because of this uke assessment no longer ends up to stand and can uke run.


maushiro no kuzushi.


Tori stands during the breaking of balance beside uke, to uke's right-hand side. Tori puts to rechterhand now his on the ground so that he can inform his linkerbeen for uke (approximately of the crotch/bovenbenen) and at the same time can his rechterbeen to the back on uke's place onderbenen. Placing the legs of tori must in a fluent and fast movement happen, because tori must do this from a situation where he only supports on his (right) arm, and his both legs at the same time in air are.

NB. It is also possible that during the implementation tori entirely stands in and as a result put down just later his hand on the ground. This version is see in the example. Just in this implementation however that tori his wrist not injured.


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