Yoko Garuma - sideward wheel throw

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori makes the throw to be able make firstly an introducing movement by catching ULW TRH and forward to obtain. Because of this uke a step with his rechtervoet must make. Tori now permits Right of uke with his face to uke. Tori spends head now his under URA and grabs with TLH for the means of uke.


An univocal direction of breaking of balance is difficult at this throw, indicate because himself wraps tori and uke as a result a type gets turn. In principle the werprichting are forward, as a result of which there is here talk of a form of mamae now kuzushi.


Tori spends his leg between the legs of uke and will on his right side side lie. During the throw twists tori for his ash counter clockwise.



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