Tai Otoshi - body throw

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori gets in with TRL and grabs with TLH URW. Tori gives URA with TLA to a jolt by drawing these to itself.


mamae no kuzushi


Tori steps with TLL so that tori with his back comes stand to uke. At the same time brings to tori his rechterhand in the neck of uke, and brings out this way uke still further assessment. Tori puts outside his rechterbeen to. Tori does not throw uke by pushing the rechterbeen uke concerning the leg (moves therefore reverse, but stands quiet during the throw.

The implementation of the tai otoshi has two extreme forms. The first is that the leg about which uke is strongly bent is thrown (in the example TRL), where the onderbeen makes an angle of 90 parallelly to the ground course and the bovenbeen on this. At the Second form the leg is about which uke is almost stretched thrown is.
Differing, but strongly fall under the denominator tai all two otoshi seem both forms. In practice the tussenvorm generally returns, as in photograph below also to see is.


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