At Garuma - application 2

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Initial situation:

Tori and uke stand opposite each other.

Basic attack - blow:

Uke makes shuto blow with his rechterhand to the face of tori.

Basic move - Irimi:

Tori enters as soon as uke makes the blow movement and avoids the blow by moving with his under URA.

Basic technique -

During entering grabs tori with TRH the linker lapel of uke's judogi fixed. This can do tori also giving a blow on the shoulder of uke. However, because this does not run real in the movement, is not advise this.

Nage-, kansetsu- of shime-waza:

At Garuma


Execute at garuma hard, so that uke is eliminated by the throw.

Possible continuation:

Tori holds ULA after the throw and stamps with TLL on the face of uke. Tori brings linkervoet now his on the ground and acher the neck of uke.Tori will lie backwards and beginning ude hishigi juji gatame on ULA.

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