Harai Goshi - bouncing hip throw

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori the grabs wrist of uke, right with his linker hand, and steps with TLL reverse whereas to URA (URW) draws tori. his assessment to repair must uke a step forward make with URB. Tori continues draw to URA, as a result of which these slightly forward assessment ends up/remains.


migi maesumi no kuzushi the moment to URA draws tori. During tsukuri, and the direction of the breaking balance twists tori will proceed in mamae no kuzushi.


Tori brings his rechterhand in the neck of uke and steps with his linkerbeen so that tori with his back comes stand to uke. In the turn commissions tori uke (tightly) against itself. Tori wipes away vervolgens with TRL URB.



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