Maki Komi - Inschroevende sacrifice throw

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Tori steps with TRL forward and grabs with TLH URW. Tori brings his linkerhand omhoog and takes off uke assessment.


migi maesumi no kuzushi.


Tori uke's bring rechterarm for himself and do his rechterarm concerning uke's right bovenarm. Tori care that the bovenarm makes contact locked up of uke well zit and because of this the bovenlichaam of tori well with the bovenlichaam of uke. Tori twists his ash and can at the same time now to the ground be fallen as a result of which uke is thrown.

Maki komi a throw but in the judo a scale to throws is not. Of very many throws there are, however, maki komi implementation. For this reason it is impossible an univocal description of technique maki give komi. Above is the soto maki komi described. In the application which is given of basic technique maki komi, maki also other komi techniques are used. These are not described however in this part.


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