Maki Komi - application 3

Film of the execution of this technique:

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Initial situation:

Uke permits right side side beside tori to tori's, with his face to tori.

Basic attack - enclosure:

Uke encloses tori of the side where both arms of tori is fixed.

Basic move - Kuzushi:

Tori moves with the attack direction with left to get off (balansherstellen). Attack strength to break brings to tori both hands on uke's rechterarm and pushes these tightly against itself.

Basic technique -

Tori makes, because the movement is not really extremely fast and hard, atemi.

Nage-, kansetsu- of shime-waza:

Maki komi (soto maki komi)


Execute the maki komi hard, so that uke is eliminated by the throw.

Possible continuation:

As soon as uke on the ground lies reverses tori (clockwise) and comes sit on his knees. Tori ensures that he keeps URA under control. Tori braids his rechterarm and slaughters ude garami on uke's rechterarm.

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